Rules and Policies

  1. Basic Rental Rates are for two people and one vehicle. Fees are due by May 1st of each year. The park is open from the 1st of May to the 30 October.
  2. Office Hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Check out time is by 11:00 a.m.
  3. Shower Fee is $2.00 per shower in bath house. Please do your part to leave showers clean and neat.
  4. No Renting of R.V. Your space is rented for two people spouse or friend. Any third  person is considered a guest.
  5. Guests: See rates on rate web page.
    All guests are welcome as long as tenant is present.
    We are not responsible to provide parking for guests. However, we will always try to accommodate them. If no parking is available guests may have to park elsewhere.
  6. Change of Ownership does not guarantee a space.
  7. Please utilize your propane for heating, cooking and where ever possible. As power here is expensive. Our local propane companies can provide you with tanks and refill as needed.
  8. Small electric appliances only. No dishwashers, clothes machines or dryers. Use of electric for heat & cooling when necessary – OK. Please do your part to conserve our electric. SHUT-OFF: lights, T.V., radio, computers, etc., etc. that you are not using.
    Especially when you are NOT HOME.
  9. Garbage Pick-up will be provided by the park. All wet trash must be wrapped securely and put in heavy plastic bags and tied securely before taking them to the garbage shed next to the women’s showers.
    (garbage pick-up on Tuesdays)
  10. Pets: Two per space and must be on a leash at all times. No animal will be left tied outside or unattended at any time and must be kept within the confines of your space. Please walk your pet on the bottom acre, and please pick-up after they have done their business. Well behaved dogs are allowed off leash in the dog park.
  11. Parking Facilities are at a premium as R.V.s’ are becoming longer/wider.
    Parking for one vehicle per space included.
    Extra vehicles/boat/trailer/atv will be parked in our meadow.
    All of us would like to bring our toys but due to limited space, be considerate. If you have not used your toy, please take it home (You may be taking up space that could be used for extra parking).
  12. Storage Sheds: You may have one storage shed for one small electrical appliance at your space provided you have the room.
  13. Park Tenants usually have coffee and donuts every other Saturday morning. Park activities such as cookouts, potlucks, outings, games, crafts, classes. Notice will be placed on the bulletin board in Rec. Hall. Guests are welcome. Please let us know in advance.

    Covered Patio
    The covered patio has fire pits, comfortable chairs, and a tv. Join us for daily happy hours and Friday Movie Night.
  14. The Fire pit is yours to enjoy. We expect everyone to do his or her part to help keep it clean. Please ask management to light and to turn off firepit. For everyones’ safety.
  15. No Ground Tents are allowed in the park (due to bears). Tent trailers at your own risk. MUST BE FULLY SELF CONTAINED.
  16. Seasonal Tenants who reserve a space for the following season may leave their R.V. in the park over the winter. You must have them winterized. In the event you cancel for the following season, you will be charged a storage fee of $360.00 for the six month period.
    RV’s may be removed one week before opening day. (Call for an appointment). Any R.V. here after opening day will be charged for the space at the current daily rate of  until removed.
  17. Mountain Aire R.V. LLC will not be responsible at any time for loss due to fire, theft, snow or freeze damage, injury accidents, or any other property or liability losses.
  18. We try very hard to keep the park neat and clean and would appreciate your cooperation in keeping your own space around and under your R.V.’s clean, such as boxes, bags, wood, branches and pine needles. Most importantly clear of possible fire materials.
  19. Water here is at a premium. No washing of vehicles or trailers. You may have potted plants or flowers.